Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Ten: Agrius Restaurant at Fol Epi

Now, there are few things we like better than not running in a marathon. With nothing but admiration (and amusement) for those who do, we settled in to Agrius Restaurant at Fol Epi at 732 Yates St to watch the marathoners speed on by.

We've reviewed Agrius/Fol Epi before, and have since learned that the bakery is Fol Epi and the restaurant is Agrius. Regardless of the naming, we settled in to a sidewalk table and awaited our food.  In a stunning surprise, Catie and I both had the same brunch! The Fried Egg Sandwich ($14) caught all of our attention, so we ordered it.

In contrast to a future breakfast sandwich review (foreshadowing!), the fried egg included is quite runny. The melty cheese, bacon, and sauces combine with the egg into a blur of tasty taste, but the combination also makes the sandwich rather difficult to eat without making a mess. This is not a sandwich that should be ordered when you're brunching with someone that you don't know very well, especially if your are trying to impress them with your tidy eating skills. That being said, it's awesome. We have actually eaten there several times, and we've each ordered the fried egg sandwich every visit.

Catie had a coffee, which was quite strong, and I had a fresh-tasting orange juice. The server was very friendly to the Bearded Muppet Dog, which is always a point in the restaurant's favour. We ate our sandwiches, drank our drinks, and enjoyed the busy street scene: tourists walking about, marathoners marathoning, and city workers hanging Victoria's famous flower baskets on the lamp posts. We will go there again before too long - will you?

(Bonus Secret Review and Brunching Top Tip! You will need to wait while your food is prepared. If you find yourself hungry after ordering, go to the bakery counter and get something to stave off your hunger. I recommend the ginger cookie (pleasantly gingery and not too hard) and Catie suggests you have the lemon tart (not too sweet - aptly named) while you're waiting.)

Agrius Restaurant, 32 Yates Street, Victoria

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