Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Fifteen: Yolks on Hastings

After a late night out dancing at the Rhythm City Mess Around we were looking for a relaxed brunch near the Ukaranian Hall where RCMA is located. Low on power, physical and brain, we wandered down Hastings past the old Yolks location to the new Yolks location and joined the line. Since we were just a party of two we were seated quickly. Pro tip: if you are a large group (or any size group) you can join the waitlist from home on Yolks website.

We have review Yolks before at their Cambie location and quite liked it. Today we tired something completely different, not featuring the egg. We were sat on their very pleasant patio, which had the perfect weather. As we basked in the sun and relaxed waiting for our food, I sipped my ice americano, which was very strong, and Dave drank his orange juice.

Our food arrived quickly given how busy the restaurant was. I ordered the Lemon-Berry Cripsy French Toast ($16.75) while Dave ordered the Double Blueberry Pancakes ($15.50).

My food was delicious! The coating on the french toast is something I haven't had before and gave the french toast a perfect texture. I would never have thought to pair lemon curd, whipping cream, and french toast but it was absolutely perfect.

Dave loved his blueberry loaded pancakes along with all the extra fruit that came with it. The stack was very high but he finished all of it happily. We both enjoyed the bacon, though it really wasn't the highlight of the meal.

After finishing our meal, we managed to get back to RCMA before falling into full brunch comas.

Yolks, 1598 East Hastings, Vancouver