Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty-Two: Shine Cafe with Kate and Jen

Friends are amazing, especially when they come all the way from Australia to visit and brunch. I found myself fortunate enough to have amazing friends as I left our secret location and headed out to Shine Cafe on Fort Street to meet up with Jen and Kate. 

Kate was in town visiting with Jen and I was lucky enough to join them for lunch. Shine Cafe was selected because it had the most accommodating menu for dietary restrictions, and also because it is yummy.  

After a good chatter, I ordered a half Cali Benny with hash browns and extra hollandaise sauce. Jen ordered an Omelette with three delicious fillings, a side of tomato, and a side of hollandaise sauce. Kate ordered the Shine Breakfast with a poached egg, gluten free black bean and walnut patty, and a side of tomato and avocado. We all had a good amount of coffee. Kate and I stuck with the regular drip coffee, while Jen opted to swap out for a decaf Americano.

We all enjoyed the food and drinks. It was a perfect example of what a brunch with friends should be, a rippin' goodie!

Shine Cafe - 1548 Fort Street, Victoria

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty One: Piva

Most of our brunches, dear reader, happen at casual spots, usually with a Benny of some sort for Catie, and something eggy, often with salsa, for me. This week, though, we've gone to a slightly fancier restaurant: Piva in New Westminster!

There's not a lot of egg-and-salsa-based brunch items on this menu. None, to be exact. Whatever will I choose? I perused the menu. Catie saw the four available Bennies, but she also decided to step out of our collective comfort zone. What would we choose?

We both decided against the avocado toast, choosing instead the Breakfast Risotto ($16) for me and the Panettone French Toast ($12) for Catie. 

The Breakfast Risotto was cheesy goodness, with the sausage being a standout taste. I'd ask for the egg to be less liquid next time, but please don't change the rest! It was delicious! Catie's French Toast was "wow!" especially the lemon ricotta whipped cream. I managed to sample a bit on one of the added berries - delish. 

Highly recommended. Though the staff seemed to hint that making a reservation would have made them happy, it didn't seem to be a big deal. We just walked in and were seated right away, though we were very close to opening time. The place did fill up as we sat, so late risers, beware.

Piva - 787 Columbia St, New Westminster