Sunday, July 29, 2018

Weekend Eight-Six: Fol Epi

It was the proverbial dark and stormy night, except it was a rainy morning, and we once again found ourselves in need of brunch. We had left our secret location early on a mission to cross off errands, and we needed food badly. FOL EPI appeared, and we remembered a recommendation from friends Matt and Angie. Wondering what fol epi could mean, we put our names on the wait list and settled in to wait. Catie said "Hey! They have a bakery!" and we went over to check it out. She ordered a coffee and short bread cookie, while I had a ginger cookie. The baked goods made the short wait feel even shorter, and we soon found ourselves at a table.

I had the Kimchi Pancakes ($17, if I recall), with pork belly. The kimchi pancakes themselves were like a potato latke in texture, with a sweet and spicy taste that was really quite good. The pork belly just fell apart, with a salty taste that complemented the pancakes nicely. The greens were green, and the eggs were eggy. I'd order it again.

Catie, on the other hand, had the classic benny for $18. A creamy Hollandaise, thick-cut bacon reminiscent of Re-Up BBQ, and golden potatoes gave her a big smile. She especially enjoyed the bread, made in house. The hot sauce we requested came in a brown bottle, marked with 'XXX,' and an eyedropper for precision spicy-taste-addition. Thumbs up for the theatricality, and it had a pleasant smoky flavour.

FOL EPI is at 732 Yates, and their website is

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