Sunday, August 19, 2018

Weekend Eighty-Eight: Heron Rock

Heron Rock Bistro, at #4, 435 Simcoe St., hidden behind Thrifty's in James Bay, had long been on our list of places to go. We did, and are pleased to report on our findings.

The menu is really extensive, and there is a list of specials that changes regularly. I had enjoyed the Huevos Cubanos on a previous visit, and they caught my eye again, but then I saw a breakfast that seemed too strange to pass up. Brunch enthusiasts, I ordered the Lamb Souvlaki Hash ($17), and I'm happy I did. Yes, the lamb chunks have exotic flavours that don't really match the Hollandaise tastes, and no, I wasn't totally sure what to do with the tzatziki. It all seems to work out on the plate, though. I ended up dipping potatoes in tzatziki, as the Hollandaise was largely confined to the eggs. The potatoes, by the way, had been fried with garlic, peppers of the red and green varieties, and red onions. Delicious!

Catie's Classic Benny with bacon ($15) came with a different set of totally delicious potatoes. Like the long-lost Buttery Potatoes from Crave, these were little golden fried pieces of perfection, she said. They have crispy fried onions and are completely heavenly. At this point in time, these are the best hash browns in Victoria. If you know of better hash browns, please write. Catie said the benny was pretty close to perfection too. The bacon was crispy and delicious, while the hollandaise was smooth and divine. 

Notice the hand-made spicy sauce, which is available upon request. 

Taking a cue from an early post, we were inspired to incorporate hand signs into our photos.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Weekend Eighty-Seven: Shanzee's Biscuit

We left our secret location for a walk with bearded muppet dog. Brunch was not on our menu of intentions for the day. While walking up Pandora in search of shade and cooler temperatures, we smelled a familiar smell. It smelled delicious, like Re-Up BBQ, but in Victoria. 

We followed our noses to Shanzee's Biscuits. It is a cute brick building that looks like it is part of Market Square, but in fact is just outside of it. I went inside to ask about the new brunch spot and said we would be back after dropping off our bearded muppet dog. However, they told me that they are happy to have dogs on their patio in the back, so... we headed to the patio!

The patio is quiet and cozy with umbrellas for shade. The inside of Shanzee's is adorable, featuring images and models of boler campers. The menu features different takes of biscuits and gravy with options for all, including gluten free and vegan. Dave picked the Southern Comfort ($10.15). I chose, surprise surprise, the eggs benedict special ($12ish). Dave also had an orange juice, while I had a Hoyne Pilsner (it was after 10am).

The biscuits were light and fluffy, which is not always the case. When you plan to put gravy on a biscuit, unscrupulous chefs may sneak rock-hard biscuits onto the plate! The white gravy had pieces of sausage in it, which were v v tasty.

The food was fresh and delicious and the portion size is just right. Shanzee's is a friendly, fantastic, and unique new brunch option for Victoria. While we were waiting for our food, though we didn't have to wait long, Shannon, the owner, came out to visit bearded muppet dog, and brought him water and treats. Bearded muppet dog highly recommends the in house baked dog treats ($0.25 each), made of oats, blueberries, and peanut butter. We bought a supply of them for his cookie jar. Charlie says YUM!