Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend Ninety: Queen of New Westminster Coastal Cafe

Leaving our secret location to go to the Penticton Jazz Festival, we spent some time and money onboard the Queen of New Westminster at the Coastal Cafe. Long gone is the Sunshine Breakfast, well known for causing sea sickness. Now one can find a variety of restauranty items on the menu. If not guaranteed to be tasty, they will make you feel full. After a brief wait in the lineup, we approached the order counter and requested our breakfasts. Catie's was the Eggs Benedict, and mine was the All Aboard Breakfast with eggs with bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and salsa.

My breakfast was unremarkable. The bacon was crisp-ish, the sausages were sausage-y, and the salsa was surprisingly bitter. Eggs and hashbrowns were good. Would I have it again? Maybe not the salsa, but the rest made me feel not hungry during the ferry trip. Faint praise? Perhaps, but there are two causes: lack of competition and speed of production combine to make a perfect storm of breakfast meh. Will I have it again? Probably.

Catie says "The eggs were cooked and the hollandaise was definitely from a package. It was filling." As with my meal, she felt un-hungry afterwards. That's about all one can say regarding a BC Ferries breakfast.

Price: too much. Taste: not enough. Other choices? Eat at home.