Monday, July 22, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Nine: BC Ferries Coastal Celebration Sea West Lounge

Dave and I left our secret location in Victoria for the mainland. Yes, this is another BC Ferries related brunch, but this one is good.

Something you should know about me is that I take the ferry a lot, so I know a thing or two. One thing that has made being a BC Ferries commuter tolerable is the Sea West Lounge, or SWL for short. The SWL is a quiet lounge (think library voices) where the ringing of cell phones is not tolerated. The SWL also serves snacks. These snacks though.... they're good. Breakfast snacks are different than afternoon/dinner snacks and they have the components to make a tidy meal. Yes, the SWL does cost money, $12. BC Ferries calls this amazing value. I don't know about amazing, but I do know what that is less money than any meal in the cafeteria and the SWL comes with comfortable seating and guaranteed peace.

For this brunch Dave and I hustled to the SWL and took up my favourite seats. We paid our money and picked up our food and drinks (did I mention they are "all you can eat"). I had yogurt and granola, a slice of watermelon, some mini honey donuts, and some white cheese slices. Dave had a bran muffin, mini honey donuts, yogurt and granola, and a slice of watermelon. The food was tasty and unlimited, which is above average for BC Ferries. The atmosphere is sublime. Dave and I ate our food, drank our orange juice and tea, and read our books in absolute peace.

The next time you are on a full-out-the-port-holes ferry, may I recommend the Sea West Lounge.

Sea West Lounge, any BC Ferries on a major route.

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