Monday, July 8, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Seven: Kelly's Kitchen Cafe

We left our secret location with a road trip in mind, so we took a little drive out of the city to have brunch in Nanaimo. As we pulled up to Kelly's Kitchen Cafe, we wondered about the odd location and hoped the food would be okay.

Kelly's Kitchen Cafe isn't anything to look at, outside or inside, but the service and the food were everything. It is absolutely everything you want in a classic brunch place: friendly waitresses, chatty clientele, and easy to understand food. The waitress are astoundingly friendly and seem to know everyone, even if it is your first time there. As we were eating, they were decorating a corner of the restaurant for a regular's 90th birthday; so sweet. As we were sitting down, the clientele were discussing where a new guy in town (who was also there) could get the best deal on a set of tools. The conversation was lively and involved everyone in the restaurant in that classic Cheers way. The food on the menu is all the things that you know and like. The dishes do have funny names but all are tried and true recipes that taste good.

I, true to form, ordered the benny with hashbrowns. The hollandaise tasted freshly made, not powdered, and the hashbrowns were delish with crispy bits. Dave ordered an omlette wrap, though he can't remember the name, he said it was great! Though the food prices will go undocumented, but we can swear to the fact that they are not very expensive and the food is worth the money.

So dear reader, if you ever find yourself headed through Nanaimo and hankering for some fine home cooking, take yourself right over to Kelly's Kitchen Cafe and fill yourself up.

Kelly's Kitchen Cafe (no website only facebook): 2517 Bowen Road, Nanaimo

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