Monday, July 1, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Six: The Pacific Restaurant at the Grand Pacific Hotel

Through a kind gift, we found ourselves in possession of two gift certificates to the Grand Pacific Hotel, with but a week to spend them before they expired. To the Pacific Restaurant!

It's pretty fancy, certainly when compared with our usual brunching places.

Catie enjoyed the traditional eggs Benedict ($18), subbing strip bacon for back bacon, and I had a Mediterranean omelette with added bacon (also $18). Catie's drink was coffee, and I had orange juice, which came with free refills. Wow! Fancy brunching just got better!

Catie enjoyed her bennies, especially because of the delicious Hollandaise, and I was the lucky recipient of perhaps the most perfect omelette I have seen. Light and fluffy, with evenness and height - here, Catie took a picture just to show it. And it was very tasty to boot! Sadly, the potatoes were nothing special.

Would we come back? Well, it is pretty pricey. And the potatoes... But the omelette, Hollandaise, and refills of orange juice more than make up for that.

Shout out to Kevin from the Edelweiss Swing City days - glad to see you again.

The Pacific Restaurant, The Grand Pacific Hotel, 463 Belleville Street, Victoria

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