Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Three - Unexpectedly alone at the Shaughnessy Cafeteria

Weekend Three - Unexpectedly alone at the Shaughnessy Cafeteria.

Since I'm working this weekend and therefore can't have brunch with Dave, I've decided to do brunch alone at the Shaughnessy Cafeteria.

Catie normally loves brunch
The Shaughnessy Cafeteria was once known as the best cafeteria in the lower mainland. It held this title until the 2002 privatization of the food services. Speaking to my co-workers about the cafeteria prior to it's handover to a private corporation paints pictures of delicious, home made, reasonably priced food.

The food produced now is not even a shadow of it's former self. It's bland, overcooked, out of boxes or frozen, expensive, what can only be described as pseudo-food. The final blow to the food quality at the Shaughnessy Cafeteria occurred a year ago when the powers that run this institution removed the deep fryers and replaced them with timed baking ovens. Now all the "fries" and hash browns are "baked" instead of deep fried, which gives them the flavour and consistency of cardboard.

Not much to look at
Today for brunch I purchased a "sunrise breakfast" however I did substitute one of the hash browns for a sausage, which cost me an extra $0.69. The food did not surprise me. Sadly it is pseudo-food as described above. My "sunrise breakfast" sandwich was over cooked and the bacon was a grey colour. The sausage was extremely over cooked verging on burnt and the hash brown might as well have been card board. My meal, including the vitamin water, cost me $8.47 which is about the price of brunch at many better restaurants that serve delicious food.

The only flavour in my meal came from the mustard, which is free. This was not even close to the perfect brunch.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Two - Bandidas on a Winter's Day

It was crisp with frost, and the grass made little crunching sounds. We wanted something warm and comforting for breakfast, and Bandidas didn't disappoint. They're on Commercial at 12th, and here is their website.

Catie loves brunch + I love brunch = We love brunch

Normally, early on a Sunday morning, Bandidas is filled with ironic mustaches (not just in November) and those with alternative views on bathing but today we were one of only two or three groups. The service was therefore excellent. Attentive, but not overly so. We chose a table near the kitchen, and settled in to read the menu.

I ordered the Breakfast Burrito ($11,) with guacamole, and roasted potatoes, and the whole thing was baked with cheese and enchilada sauce. Totally delish! Catie had The Breakfast ($8,) with eggs over hard, roasted potatoes, salsa, cabbage, pinto beans, and honey cornbread, of which I was quite jealous.

The burrito was piping hot, filled with eggs, salsa, cheese, beans, and sour cream. Not brunch to be taken lightly, it was giant-size! My orange juice was tasty (but with ice cubes?) and Catie's Salt Spring brand coffee started her day off right. I even managed to steal Catie's salsa, which was fresh-made, with a gentle spiciness. Her Breakfast hit the spot, and we went on our way. A definite success, it's easy to see why we come here often!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend One - Solly's Bagels

The definition of brunch from Merriam-Webster is "a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch." But the perfect brunch isn't just a meal. The perfect brunch brings people together, renews friendships, and ignites love. The Beatles got it wrong. All you need is brunch.
I love brunch + Dave loves brunch = we love brunch
We've taken on the challenge to find the perfect brunch. Weekly we will be taking to the streets to find, eat, and enjoy the perfect brunch then blog about it.

Weekend One - Solly's Bagels, Cambie location

This weekend we headed over to Solly's, a Jewish bakery and deli with a family atmosphere. They have three locations which are all accessible via public transit. For Solly's hours of operation and addresses check out their website:

We went to the Cambie location which is at Yukon and 7th. Solly's is always busy on the weekend mornings and today was no exception. However we did get a nice table by the window. The music while we were there was as it normally is, a mix of old and new, mostly jazz by Jewish artists.

We ordered our food at the ordering area then ordered our drinks and paid for our food at the till. They changed the way things are ordered and paid for a while ago. Now ordering food and paying are to separate lines and confusion runs high.

Despite the ordering issues the food was quick, simple, and delicious. Dave thoroughly enjoyed his untoasted bagel with cream cheese, lox, capers and onion. I ate my toasted mish mash bagel with cream cheese happily, and my coffee was divine.

On the right day, Solly's could be the perfect brunch.