Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Twenty-Three: Into the Fray

This is the weekend, LindyBout! (This post will come out a week after LindyBout VI. Keep a look out for LindyBout VII next April.) To go along with our fabulous time at the fabulous dance weekend, we needed to find a fabulous brunch spot.

The Fray had been put into our consciousness by Dave's co-worker Sam. After checking out their website and realizing it is just a short walk from our secret location, we dressed and scrambled to join the fray.

The Fray won me over as soon as I moved through the doors to see a Pac Man console in the waiting area. The decor is up to par with the nerdy awesomeness of Pac Man. The restaurant is decorated with lime green cushions and painted in a sky blue. It's hip and clean.

There are board games around, not sure if they are available for play. I kept eyeing the Family Guy Trivia Game... Luckily every table is supplied with Grown-Up Activities. My favourite was the Henry Rollins tattoo game. Dave favoured the Arcade Fire hair colouring. Hipster Bingo was also incredibly entertaining. Though I was surprised that Dave had a higher hipster score than I did, who would have thought.

The food is simple and fresh. The Fray advertises that all their food is locally sourced, which makes my hippy-yoga-loving self feel happy inside.

Dave ordered an orange juice ($2.90), almost goes without saying, and the Farmers' Omelette ($11.95). I chose a coffee ($2.00) and the Traditional Breakfast ($7.95). The food was tasty and well cooked. The only hitch was that the focaccia bread slices where sliced from pole to pole, not equatorially. The thin slices made it very difficult to eat my eggs on top of my toast. It was possible but not elegant or easy. Also, the hash browns were excellent but I wouldn't describe them as cajun.

All in all, I enjoyed my time in the fray. It filled my nerdy heart with glee, allowed my geeky artistic spirit to soar, and filled my pop-culture enthusiast stomach. Good times...

ps. I really can't wait to try out their Quiz night on Wednesday and their Variety show on Tuesday!


  1. Where is The Fray located? Great find!

  2. It's pretty fantastic! You can find them at 3980 Fraser St, Vancouver BC. For more information, click on the "Fray" link in the blog post to go to their web page.