Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Twenty-Five: Hyde and Seek

After working two night shifts in a row I wasn't really feeling like brunch. Dave was. We walked down Main Street, after I pulled myself out of bed, seeking Hyde.

It was a warm sunny day perfectly suited to Hyde's small but cute patio. The brunch menu isn't vast. They serve a Benny Bar on the weekends but also offer their regular lunch/dinner bar menu. We chose the Benny Bar.

I love Bennys but I don't order them very often. Hollandaise sauce as described on Wikipedia, "is an emulsion of egg yolk and butter... Note that in all methods the temperature must be closely controlled. Once the yolks are prepared, the sauce should be not much warmer than required to maintain the butter in a liquid state, that is, a little warmer than body temperature." It's really the egg yolk held at body temperate part that I take issue with. I'm always a little concerned that the Hollandaise won't agree with me, or more likely the bacteria that was growing in the Hollandaise won't agree with me. However, life is full of risks and some times a Benny can be great enough to be worth the risk. Today, at Hyde, it was.

I ordered the Montreal Style Benny while Dave ordered the Lox Benny. Both Bennys were $9. Dave decided to try his taste buds with orange juice and I stuck with water. Apparently the orange juice is not freshly squeezed but seemingly from a box and possibly watered down and was not up to Dave's standards.

My Montreal Style Benny featured dijon mustard hollandaise, smoked meat, poached eggs (perfectly hard, like I had requested), and foccacia bread. Dave's Lox Benny showed off lox, capers, poached eggs (medium because Dave didn't think to ask for hard), regular hollandaise, and foccacia bread. Both plates came with super delicious hash browns and a selection of fruit.

After sampling both Bennys we decided that mine was the best. It balanced rich, salty, and sour perfectly. Dave thought his would have been the best had it not had capers, wish he normally loves but didn't mix well on this particular plate.

We left happy and full.


  1. Catie, you're so stylish! (Even after two night shifts in a row.)
    Cute hat! :D

    1. Thanks! It's from where else but Roberta's in Victoria.