Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Twenty-Two: Revolution at Havana

This weekend brought with it some sleeping in, mild weather, and a desire to ride bikes. We immediately leapt onto our cycles and pedaled over to Havana's on Commercial Drive, only to arrive early. A few other eager brunchers joined us as we waited for them to open.

Seated quickly, we opened the menu and took a look at the offerings on, um, offer. I started with orange juice (fresh squeezed? tasty!) and Catie ordered a Boochie Coffee, which was delicious, though perhaps a bit bitter.

Our food came fast, even though the restaurant was filling up. I ordered the Chef's Scramble ($13) with hashbrowns, and Catie chose the Huevos Rancheros ($11.) My guacamole was delicious, the salsa was fresh, and the hashbrowns were crispy. I like my cheddar cheese the same way I like my wit - sharp - and it did not disappoint. The server brought me half hashbrowns and half salad by mistake, but she corrected it by bringing a small mountain of hashbrowns on the side. Bonus points! I was quite happy with the salad, though it wasn't really too exciting.

Catie's Huevos Rancheros were presented well, tucked in the middle of a giant flour tortilla. Now, as astute readers of this blog will know, huevos are usually not the best to look at - messier is often more delicious - but these really did look appetizing. The tortilla was soft, the salsa was spicy, and the eggs tasted pretty darn good. The beans also had a good flavour.

So, the negative. It's crowded, and the music was kind of loud. However, it's crowded for a reason - the food is good! If you don't like lineups, arrive just before 10. If you like lineups, arrive after about 10:30 and strand around looking cool on The Drive.

This guacamole should be a part of the perfect brunch. So should the orange juice. Hmmm, but what else does the perfect brunch need?

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