Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Twenty-Six: Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company

Today was a lazy morning. We strolled down the street, idly wondering what brunch we should enjoy, when we came upon the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. We've passed it before, and never really gone in. Today, however, we did go in.

You might wonder why we chose a restaurant that has 'Pizza' in the name for brunch, and, to be honest, I was a bit worried. Brunch pizza? Doesn't sound delicious. It brings up images of culinary horrors like combinations of poached eggs, hollandaise, pizza bread, and anchovies. Fortunately, though, the brunch menu was filled with traditional breakfast choices. Catie ordered her latte ($3.50) and I my orange juice ($3.25), and we settled in.

Today's choice was simple. I chose the double smoked maple bacon omelette for $9.95, and Catie the traditional breakfast, with double smoked maple bacon on the side, for $11.70. We were both very pleased with the home fries, and I liked the omelette. It could have been a bit larger - 3 eggs is ideal, but this was made with only 2 - and the mixed greens were somewhat wilty. That being said, I shouldn't complain too much. The ingredients of the omelette were totally tasty, and I do like eggs from happy (free range and organic) chickens.

Catie was a bit apprehensive about the extra cost of the bacon. Would it be worth the extra $3.75? Yes, yes it was! She also was a bit worried about the portion size, as it looked a bit small, but it was certainly enough for her. The eggs were done the way she liked them, but I did notice that the toasts were a bit too small to put the fried eggs on top of comfortably.

This brunch was quite nice. The restaurant was warm and comfy inside, and there's a play place for kids. I do, however, take issue with the number of adjectives in the menu descriptions. There are more than a dozen in the description of my omelette alone, which makes it look more like a word list than a description of something tasty. Give me some details, but leave me some mystery, please!

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