Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Twenty-Four: Cinco de Mayo at Las Margaritas

Today was special. Not only was it the day after Cinco de Mayo, but it was also a much later brunch than we are accustomed to! We left our aforementioned secret location and ventured off to Las Margaritas, way off in the heart of Kits. It's on 4th Ave at Maple, two blocks west of Burrard.

We were quite famished after our long voyage. Luckily, they had just opened up for the day, and there were seats available both inside and out. We chose to sit inside, and were promptly provided with menus, drinks list, and chips and salsa. First things first - the menu is huge!

Looking at all of the possibilities, we took our time making up our minds. In the meantime, however, we polished off the chips and salsa. Catie ordered a raspberry daiquiri, and I ordered my orange juice. We ordered another side of chips and salsa - the salsa is so good, and the chips are warmed... The server warned us that the second order will cost is, and it did - a grand total of $2.45. Money well spent, I say. In the end, I ordered the L.A. Burrito with shredded chicken for $13.95, and Catie chose the Chicken Flautas for $8.35.

Both our dishes came with Mexican rice, which seems to be regular rice dyed red. I didn't notice much 'Mexican' flavour to it. That's not really an issue, though, as the L.A. Burrito is *huge!* Tasty chicken, black beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole all combined in a tortilla makes the whole thing about the size of one's forearm. So much food! Catie's flautas were more delicate in size, and she commented favourably on the freshness of the guacamole and the crispiness of the tortillas.

After eating, we both felt like we had gotten our money's worth. It was a sunny day, and as we walked along, we thought "You know, this isn't really brunch food, but it's damn good!"

Oh, and the salsa is available for takeout...

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  1. Sorry for the lateness of this post. It's just been so sunny outside...