Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Nineteen - Pluto's with Special Guest Writers Dave's Mum and Dad!

This is a bonus brunch from our weekend in Victoria, featuring the accomplished word stylings of Dave's Mum and Dad! - cf

With Dave and Catie in Victoria for a round of visits and events, it was a real treat to have brunch with them on Monday morning. We went to Pluto's on Cook Street. It's been there for many years -- from the beginning of the Rebirth of the Diner in Victoria and is a recycled 50's gas station. We don't know how the name was chosen. Whether because it's a Dog eat Dog world? Or is it to commemorate the Former Planet?

The menu was the usual diner fare: ommies, bennies, heuvos for breakfast and soups, salads, burgers, steaks, and stir-fry for lunch and dinner. The decor was bright with funkiness at "moderate" on the dial -- art on the walls, and Tibetan prayer flags over the cash-desk.

The crowd was pretty much just ourselves, so naturally, it was hip, fun, smart, modestly brilliant and the ambience was very good for chatting and laughing.

The staff person was friendly and attentive but never intrusive. Coffee re-fills came just when needed. With no crowd, it was easy to get our orders cooked and to the table quickly.

Dave's Dad had the Siesta ommie, with chorizo, mexi-cheese and Santa Fe pesto. It was tasty, but not too fiery, so he asked for some hot-sauce to perk it up. Great accompaniment was the thick slab of toasted cornbread.

Dave's Mum had the Huevo's Rancheros. Two fried eggs on a whole wheat tortilla, with the usual fixins. For her, the best part was the side of beans.

Catie went for the Standard Two-egg Breakfast with bacon, toast and coffee. (The coffee was so fresh and the refills came often. It was a cup of caffeinated perfection. -cf)

Dave had an ommie with corn bread too. (The ommie was pretty standard but the corn bread was expectional. -dh)

Best feature of the brunch: seeing Dave and Catie!

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