Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Twenty-One: Locus Remedy

After starting the weekend with the plague and managing to pass it onto Dave in record time, brunch was in jeopardy. As I lay in bed trying to decide if it was worth getting up my stomach rumbled. We had to eat something, be it at home or at a restaurant.

I hate traveling on public transit when sick. I hate the dirty looks I get from others. It's as if their eyes are saying, "Stay back, Typhoid Catie!" Therefore, our brunch provider had to be with in walking distance. It also had to be close enough that my pocket tissue supply would last the duration.

A single location came to mind, Locus!

We haven't been to Locus since our after-Christmas visit (a good and bad thing about this blog is that we visit a lot of great brunch spots but so rarely repeat...) and have wanted to go back ever since.

Today the walk was pleasantly short. Locus had just opened when we arrived. There was a notable lag between being seated and receiving our menus and drinks, as they were just starting up for the day (This caused the pocket tissue supply to dwindle).
The coffee was as good and fresh as I remembered. Dave drank his traditional drink choice, orange juice.

They delivered on the fresh and warm bread served with two spreads. Yummy.
Dave picked the Special Omlette: lamb merguez, mushrooms, caramelized onions and smoked cheddar folded into free range eggs ($13)  and I had the Early Bird: two free-range eggs and double-smoked bacon ($8). Both were served with roasted rosemary nugget potatoes and fresh fruit. I added a side of rye toast on which I could eat my eggs.

The food was excellent, though I must confess my taste-buds are definitely dulled by my plague. I think Dave felt the same way.

After refreshing my pocket tissue supply from Locus's unisex bathroom,  I recommend the toilet paper over paper towel as it is softer, we had a short walk home before collapsing into bed. Hopefully our fevered brows and faucet noses will heal soon...

This could have been a perfect brunch if we had been minus our viral friends.

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