Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Twenty: Starting a Habit

Back to Vancouver for this one. As usual, we woke up hungry. Originally we thought about venturing to the mystical wilds of Nanaimo Street, but soon realized that today was to be a lazy day. That being said, we soon found ourselves scampering down the street to Habit Lounge.

We arrived on the dot of 9, and were seated quickly. We had our choice of tables, as we were the first to arrive. Catie chose a booth, luxuriously upholstered in brown leather-style vinyl and lit by a swirly lightshade-thing. Having successfully arrived in the '70s, we ordered our customary OJ and coffee, and sat back to peruse the menu.

Jimi Hendrix and Wilson Pickett were playing, and several tasty items caught our eyes. Should it be the Breakfast Perogies? The Braised Beef and Eggs? Or the Breakfast Martini Bento Box? Hmmm. Surprise surprise, Catie went for the Two Eggs (medium, with strip bacon and multigrain toast, for $9) and I requested the Huevos Rancheros ($11.) We are such creatures of habit. They say that they use free-range happy eggs, meat, and seafood, all of which we were pleased to see.

The food came, and we were both initially pleased. However, our happy faces turned sad as we saw our underdone eggs. Not all was lost, however, as Catie asked for some fresh strawberry jam for her toast (so crisp!) and tucked into her hash browns with enthusiasm. Crispy all over, and lightly salted. I particularly enjoyed my black beans, yummy salsa and newly-made guacamole.

Just as we were about to leave, however, Catie spied some raspberry crème caramels, just sitting near the bar. We asked "?," to which the waitress said "..." and checked with the kitchen, who replied "!" We agreed! Definitely the right way to end out our meal. I can't find them on the menu - perhaps they were a daily special - but you should ask if you go.

This could be a perfect brunch, if only the medium eggs were medium, and not gloopy. Raspberry crème caramel, though... stroke of genius.

(how to type the accent grave? option+the key beside the 1, then your vowel. à è ì ò ù - dh)

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