Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Thirty-One: A Little Nest of Taste

After a recommendation from our friend Lucy, we decided to go to Little Nest for this week's brunch adventure. We wandered over from our secret location, and were pleasantly surprised that it was not totally full.

The menu is written on the wall, and features an ample supply of tasties for little people as well as adults. It changes often, so what you read about today may be gone by tomorrow. We made up our minds, joined the line, and placed our order. Catie had a latte, served in a pint glass (!) and I, in a break from tradition, had water (!!) For our meals, I chose the Eggs of the Day, which were scrambled, with pulled pork, green salad, guacamole, and brioche toast on the side, for $13. Catie's eyes were drawn to the French Toast, which was drowned in fresh fruit, grated coconut, and whipped cream, also for $13.

We settled in to wait. The room has a lovely pressed-tin ceiling and wooden floor, but there's nothing to dampen the sounds of children at play. Given that were sitting beside the window,  that may have added to the sound level. Speaking of the window, the street outside is pleasantly green, with lots of passers-by suitable for people watching. (Note to child with the Superman cape and matching bike helmet - you're awesome. Too bad your parents didn't let you ride fast so the cape could stream out behind you in the wind!)

Catie's coffee showed up, and after a tasting, was judged to be hot, fresh, and smooth. My water was a particularly fine vintage, cooled to a refreshing temperature, and served (by me) in a stainless steel cup which transmitted the refreshing coolness of the drink to my hand. Ideal for summer.

Our food arrived, and we eagerly tucked in. I really liked the toast - multigrain, crispy, piping hot, and not too heavily buttered. I did find myself wishing I'd ordered some jam to go with it, but for $0.50 it seemed extravagant! The eggs were scrambled. The pulled pork, however, was excellent. I liked the guac and pickled onions, but would have enjoyed more of the guac. Pulled pork and guacamole - two well-liked food items on the same plate! My salad was tasty, but not perhaps as exciting as the rest of the meal. I did like the cabbage in the salad, though, as it's not a common addition.

Catie's French toast was piled high with fresh sliced mango, pineapple, and banana, and came with maple syrup on the side. The toast pieces were large, and thick-sliced too. She managed to finish almost all of it, which says something about how good it was. Don't order this unless you are hungry!

So, Little Nest, how do you measure up? The food was great, but perhaps next time we'd have to sit outside to avoid the high sound levels inside. If you have a little person, there is a play area and toys provided, as well as the aforementioned wide selection of child-friendly foods.


  1. Yummmm...French toast piled high!! It was all I could do not to head over the moment I read the description. Then I remembered it was 5 pm. Next weekend perhaps. I wonder if I could get it without the grated coconut, though. Too many years of watching Gilligan's Island when I was a kid has killed that fruit for me.

  2. I am also not a fan of coconut, but I did enjoy a few bites that I stole from Catie's plate when she wasn't looking. The coconut was fresh, which makes a difference. I do recommend a visit nonetheless!