Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Thirty-Two: Jethro vs. Ramsay

We'd heard about Jethro's Fine Grub before and wanted to see it for ourselves. We left our secret location and headed off to the deep, dark wilds of Dunbar.

When we arrived, the first sitting was, well, sitting. We put our name on the list and settled in to wait. And wait we did. It only took about 15 or 20 minutes for us to be seated, though. 

The menu is quite massive, both in content and size. After ordering our customary coffee and OJ, we decided on our brunches. I chose the South of Denver omelet, and Catie chose the Two Eggs and Meat. 

The inside of the restaurant is sparsely decorated, with white walls and simple tables. There is a painted logo for the Food Network close to the door, a souvenir from their visit last year. A photo of the East Van cross is the only artwork on the walls, and Catie thought this was somewhat strange. Jethro's is in Dunbar, after all! 

My omelet was massive! The pulled pork inside was hot and delicious, the fried onions were tasty and I did enjoy the rye bread toast. However, I did lose interest in finishing my meal. And that, dear reader, is not common for me. Catie's two eggs and meat (with bacon) did what it said on the tin. There were two eggs, delivered over hard as hshe requested. But, she noticed the the hash browns were simply pieces of potato that had been fried. No spices, no seasoning... Would she channel Gordon Ramsay and send them back to the kitchen, bouyed along with comments on the cooks' skills, family backgrounds, and romantic proclivities?


No, of course not. That may make good television, but it's really not likely to be successful in person. Catie also didn't finish her meal - too much of not enough taste. Though she did finish her coffee and left without even hearing the word refill from our waitress.

Perhaps we should have gone for the pancakes, which cover a plate, or maybe French toast, but still. It was a disappointing letdown after what we had been expecting. Perhaps we should re-visit Jethro in the future. Why would the Food Network get excited about this?


  1. Getting seated after only a 15-minute wait must have seemed like a good omen. Oh well...

    I had a pulled pork sandwich the time we went, for our wait was so long that brunch had turned into lunch! My sandwich was good, but Masa didn't like his clubhouse -- the bread was dry. We didn't see anyone finish the massive pancakes being served.

    I grew up on Dunbar, just two blocks up from Jethro's, so I was curious to check the place out.

    Have you ever been to Central at Denman and Comox? Wonderful eggs benny and and a cool vibe.

    1. It truly did seem like a good omen. That is until I had almost finished my coffee before we ordered our food and was not offered a top up, refill, or simply more...

      I was seriously disappointed. I have heard so many raves about this place. I'm glad to hear that you didn't have the best experience either. I was beginning to think that perhaps it was just us?