Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Thirty-Four: Caught by Catch 122

After an indecisive morning and a quick bus ride from our secret location, we arrived at Catch 122. This crisp looking restaurant can be found at 122 West Hastings, just across from the Woodwards building. Built in an old building and refurbished in what appears to be found wood and decor, it's atmosphere is quite nice, though perhaps a little empty.

We were promptly seated and promised someone would be around for our drink order. While one fine server worked her behind off, two sat behind the counter chatting to a friend(?). Our server did reappear after giving us ample time to not only decide on drinks but also brunch.

Dave continued his indecisive streak and decided to order the Scrambled Eggs Chorizo Crepe ($12) containing scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado, cheddar cheese and tomato sauce with sides of yukon nugget potato hash and a salad. Dave struck out from his ordinary tradition of orange juice and instead went all in on a Very Berry Fresh Fruit Smoothie ($4.95).

I continued a personal tradition, though modified this time, and had a French Press Coffee ($3). The small size will provide one person two cups of fresh coffee. It was totally worth it! For solids, I picked The Hastings ($12). It is what you might consider to be a basic breakfast with bacon and the same sides as Dave's brunch. They also have a basic breakfast with sausage called The Gastown.

Dave enjoyed his Scramble Eggs Chorizo Crepe very much and in fact licked his plate clean. I noshed my brunch with extra zest but wish there had been more melted goat cheese on my eggs.

I hope Catch 122 will attract more people through its doors. The food was great but the atmosphere would have been better with a bit more bustle.


  1. One of my favourite novels is now a cool cafe! I love the exposed brick and wood decor. I might just wander down there this morning, as Masa is in North Vancouver attending his friend's yoga lesson.

    Yeah, I have to say I hate it when servers chat away when they could be looking after their guests. I had this experience at Seasons in the Park on the occasion of my mom's 90th birthday. The food ended up being late and cold. We complained and got our meal comped.

  2. Hey guys,

    I did end up going there today and it was great! Love the atmosphere (more people than when you went) and my pulled pork sandwich was excellent. Great old photo of Vancouver on the back wall.

  3. Hi Doug,

    I'm glad you went, and happy you liked it. I'm pleased that it was busier, too. Isn't that Vancouver photo cool? It's amazing to see how much has changed!

    - Dave.