Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Thirty: Fabulous, Fantastic, Fenomenal Fissel Family Father's Day at the Fray

The same day my sister hopped the Georgia Straight and moved onto Fraser also happened to be Father's day. This seemed to be the perfect time to do a brunch blog with my family.

We were lucky to get a table a the Fray as it appeared everyone wanted to be there for a Father's Day brunch. We have already reviewed their brunch, quite favourably. Would it be just as fantastic this time?

We settled in at our high top and began taking turns colouring in the futuristic robots on our adult activity page. I wish we could have continued to make Henry Rollins happy. My Dad, Kim, and I ordered coffee, while my Mom and Dave asked for orange juice.

We then turned our attention to the menu. Both Kim and my Mom decided on the Traditional Breakfast ($7.95). My Dad picked the Farmers' Omelette ($11.95) on Dave's recommendation. Dave chose the Hangover Cure ($11.95) though I'm not sure he knows what a hangover is or what would cure it, while I went for the Morning Glory ($10.95).

Last time Dave and I came to the Fray we had the Farmers' Omelette and the Traditional Breakfast. It would be interesting to see if the family judges enjoyed these dishes as much as we had. It was also interesting that, despite all my griping about the potential dangers of Hollandaise sauce in our Benny Bar blog entry (see Hyde), Dave and I both ordered Bennys again.

Silence fell over our table as the food arrived. We all dived into our food. I did the complex calculus to understand from the silence that we were all too busy enjoying our food to speak. My Mom did comment on the focaccia bread being cut latitudinally instead of longitudinally, which was a comment I had last time as it made my eggs difficult to eat.

Dave thoroughly enjoyed his Hangover Cure though, as I had predicted, he wasn't sure it would cure a hangover as he's never been hungover. Dave would also like to add that if he were to choose between these two plates again, he would go with the Farmers' Omelette as it is tastier.
I absolutely loved the Morning Glory. It was a fabulous Benny! A warning: if you do not like blue cheese, don't order this Benny. It tasted very strongly of blue cheese, which I happen to adore.
My family very much enjoyed their brunch too. I think the overall winner has to be the Farmers' Omelette for being the best put together dish.

Kudos must also go to our waitress for getting us a table (without a reservation, on Dad's Day) as well as being genuinely awesome!

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