Saturday, April 11, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty Seven: Heron Rock Social Distancing

Well, Covid is still here and social distancing is something that we need to do. We also need to support our local businesses, so this post reflects those two ideas.

The brunch location that Dave and I most visit during normal times is Heron Rock. Dave loves the Huevos Cubanos and I super heart the Blue Cheese and Bacon Benny. The late night happy hour is also phenomenal and you should check it out, now or when things are normal! And you can check it out now because Heron Rock is doing take out and delivery of their food and drinks. Please support Heron Rock or insert your favourite local business here.
Heron Rock staff are amazing and taking extraordinary precautions to keep themselves and customers safe. Remember to tip your server even though it is takeout or delivery.

Dave and I called as soon as Heron Rock opened (10am everyday, as of now). We ordered our favourite brunch foods then ran up and picked up our food. Dress weather appropriate because you will be waiting outside.
We ran our food back to our secret location and unpacked the goodies. Inside we found thoughtfully packed food to keep everything from getting mushy. My eggs were cooked medium, the english muffin was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the hollandaise sauce was delish (as always), and my potatoes were top notch. Dave's Hash was just as you would have in Heron Rock itself. Totally Tasty.

It's a rough time for everyone, including small local business. If you can, order some food; it will make you feel better too.

Heron Rock Bistro, 4-435 Simcoe St
Check the website for menu and take out info.

On a similar note, Jones BBQ is doing take out and delivery. Check their website for more info!

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