Sunday, March 29, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty Six: Rum Runner

This "brunch" was devoured pre covid. Stay safe and keep distancing!

It was a sunny day, and our friends DES and NMBL from Motorcycle Hammock Camping were in town. We planned to meet up and go for a motorcycle ride through the wilds of Saanich, ending up at the Surly Mermaid for their tacos. Everything was going well - our helmet radios worked well together, the sun was sunny, and the roads were uncrowded, and after a while, we ended up in Sidney.

However, the Surly Mermaid had a 45 minute wait. That's too long, as NMBL and DES had to catch the ferry back to the mainland. Fortunately, the Rumrunner Pub shares a parking lot with the Surly Mermaid, and it had a much shorter wait. We even got a table by the window!

It was a late brunch by our standards, and our menu selections tended more to the "unch" than the "br" of the name. I had the Cuban Sandwich with a Caesar salad, while Catie enjoyed the beef burger and yam fries. DES was particularly excited by the beer and brie soup, which he accompanied with the all-in grilled cheese special, and NMBL the fish burger and a salad. The food arrived pretty quickly, considering how busy the restaurant had become, and we settled in to eat. Good company and good eats made this a nice mid-ride stop-off, and I'm sure that it would be just as enjoyable if you, dear readers, met here after a Sunday drive.

We hope to make it to the Surly Mermaid one day, but we were happy to end up at the Rumrunner!

Rum Rummer Pub, 9881 Seaport Place Sidney

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