Thursday, April 30, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty Nine: Coffee, Sandwiches, and Pastry around the town

This weekend we continue with our social distancing theme. We want to support our local brunch business, so we left our secret location to sample the morning offerings around downtown.

First on our tour is Frankie's. Dave's sister, Jane told us they have a good and cheap breakfast sandwich. Jane was right, the sandwiches are delish!

Next on our tour is Union Cafe! I sampled the brie and pesto crossiant and a coffee while Dave had the ham and swiss crossiant. Yum!

Starting to feel full, we visited Le Roux. We saw the cinnamon danishes and had to stop. Total Yum!

Finally, on our way home we stopped at Fresko Cafe. They don't sell European food, but the do make and sell super delicious Latin American food. We picked up some sweet pastry, but ate it at home because we were so full. Dave heartily recommends the Cuban Sandwich!

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