Sunday, March 15, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty Four: Sunnyside Cafe

This is an unexpected brunch. We left our secret location to look at motorcycles with my Mom and Dad. My Dad is in the market for a new-to-him motorcycle and thought he might find it at Action Motorcycles. Dave and I showed up a bit early and were drawn to the Sunnyside Cafe below Action Motorcycles by the delicious smells.

It is a small and unassuming space. It is homey and cool at the same time, chalk boards and rumpus room wood paneling. The ladies behind the counter were patient while we decided our order then quickly prepared our order.

Dave ordered the Breaky Burrito ($13.50) and I ordered the Buccaneer Benny (half order $11.50) and a coffee. The food was super tasty. Dave devoured his burrito and enjoyed every mouth full. I loved my benny. I can't get enough of a hollandaise, cheese, and avacado combo. I could have used more hollandaise sauce. I really like when there is enough for every mouth full. Dave and I both agreed that the hash browns for be crispier. But over all is was super.

My parents followed their noses and found us in the Sunnyside Cafe. They decided to join us and funnily enough ordered the same meals we had. You can see them in the photo behind Dave ordering their food. They agreed this place provides a solid YUM.

Sunnyside Cafe, 101-1234 Esquimalt Road

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