Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekend Fifty-Six: Bruncho Pronto

This morning we waited and waited and waited. We waited until Pronto opens for brunch at 10 am, then we walked over from our secret location. The waiting was hard but we hoped the brunch would be worth it.

We've been to Pronto before and can say that this adorable little cafe bistro serves up a mean lunch and dinner. There isn't a tonne of selection but everything is good. Brunch is similar. Pronto offers a small menu featuring: two bennys, a meat and a veggie, a fritatta, a breakfast pizza and a breakfast sandwich. Even though the menu is small it doesn't make choosing one dish easy.
Eventually Dave picked the fritatta ($9.5) and I selected the meat benny ($9.5). They were out of orange juice so Dave had to have a blood orange San Pellegrino soda. Given the lateness of our brunch I had already had a coffee so I stuck with water. 

The atmosphere is fun, especially when filled with people. The servers tried hard and the majority were excellent, but one guy behind the bar was quite surly. The food was good and simple, though I would have been quite happy for the benny to come without a mountain of polenta. A big plus for the food at Pronto is that it is all very affordable, the most expensive item on the brunch menu is $11.

Would we go back for brunch? Maybe, but you'll definitely see me there with the charcuterie plate and a glass of wine.

Note to reader: The menu items on the website may differ in content and price from the menu items at the restaurant.


  1. Looks cute! Where is it -- on Main? I've been having a hankering for a benny -- maybe Masa and I will head over tomorrow!

    1. Hi Doug,

      It's on Cambie St near 18th. I think I forgot to mention that the benny doesn't have hollandaise sauce, instead it comes with a parmesan sauce with is quite good.

  2. If you're looking for a benny on Main St, I recommend either Crave or Hyde.