Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Fifty-Four: Milestones, not just for marking distance

Saturday found us tired and one of us slightly hungover from Catie's Work Christmas Party. In the state that we were in we didn't want to venture too far from home. Combining the desire to stay within walking distance of our secret location with a few Christmas errands and a desire to try something new equals Milestones on Cambie.

It has been years since either of us have been to Milestones and neither of us have been there for brunch. Walking into the lobby and up the stairs of the beautifully decorated restaurant, I couldn't figure out why we don't eat here more often. The hostess and waitress were similarly dressed and equally friendly. Dave got a large orange juice and I asked for a coffee. Coffee at Milestones can mean drip, americano, mocha, latte, and I'm sure a lot more... I chose a latte. Dave's orange juice was fresh-squeezed.

The menu is short but includes something for everyone. I ordered the Eggs Milestone with tomato on the side and bacon ($10.49 + 2) while Dave ordered Prime Rib Hash ($12.99). The avacado salsa on my benny was delicious and the hollandaise sauce was outstanding! The hash was sweeter than Dave expected and the prime rib was thin sliced instead of chunks which he enjoyed.

 Milestones is a great place for everyone... I think it was designed that way, which kind of bothers me. As an upscale White Spot it's pretty good, maybe better than Cactus Club, though I'm not an expert on them either. We might come back with Grandma, but we might look for something different in the meantime.

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