Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekend Fifty-Five: Back in Time at Lucy's Diner

We left our secret location, eager for a brunch that would make us excited. Soon we spotted Lucy's Eastside Diner (So retro, it doesn't have a website!) from the bus windows and leapt out, tummies rumbling. It's at 2708 Main, phone 604-568-1550. We chose seats in a booth and settled in to read the menu.

Coffee? Yes. Hot, with cream and sugar? Yes. OJ? Yes. Cold, and not from a can? Yes.

Catie chose the Three Little Pigs for $13. This, true to the name, is three bennies. One has chorizo, one bacon, and one pulled pork. Served with hashbrowns and Hollandaise, this looks to be filled with taste and goodness. Sadly, though, the pulled pork had been replaced with a slice of ham. Not terrible, but not the pulled pork we had been expecting. I stole some of the chorizo, and can report that it was delicious.

I chose an omelet with chorizo, feta, and peppers, also for $13. Diner-fresh white toast and crispy-fried hashbrowns made my brunch quite large, but I'm not complaining. The omelet was quite large indeed, and I felt quite full afterwards. I'd recommend it if you're looking mainly for food quantity.

I like the retro decor, but I do have to say that it was pretty cold inside. There was a heater on the floor in the back hallway, but I did regret my choice to wear short sleeves. Catie was bundled up in her sweater and stayed warm. The bathroom doors were white... emphasis on the were. Now, particularly near the handles, they are greyish. I'm not expecting spotless marble floors, but still.

So, after all of this, would we go back? Yes, I think so. Just go when it is warm out!

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