Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weekend One Hundred and Twenty-Two: Shine Cafe with Kate and Jen

Friends are amazing, especially when they come all the way from Australia to visit and brunch. I found myself fortunate enough to have amazing friends as I left our secret location and headed out to Shine Cafe on Fort Street to meet up with Jen and Kate. 

Kate was in town visiting with Jen and I was lucky enough to join them for lunch. Shine Cafe was selected because it had the most accommodating menu for dietary restrictions, and also because it is yummy.  

After a good chatter, I ordered a half Cali Benny with hash browns and extra hollandaise sauce. Jen ordered an Omelette with three delicious fillings, a side of tomato, and a side of hollandaise sauce. Kate ordered the Shine Breakfast with a poached egg, gluten free black bean and walnut patty, and a side of tomato and avocado. We all had a good amount of coffee. Kate and I stuck with the regular drip coffee, while Jen opted to swap out for a decaf Americano.

We all enjoyed the food and drinks. It was a perfect example of what a brunch with friends should be, a rippin' goodie!

Shine Cafe - 1548 Fort Street, Victoria

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