Sunday, September 15, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Thirteen: Fable Diner at the Lee

We left our secret location in Victoria for the weekend to attend the Rhythm City Mess Around in Vancouver and found ourselves wanting to brunch. Vancouver has undergone a lot of changes, especially around Main and Broadway, and Fable Diner at the Lee is one of them. This spot used to be a greasy spoon of the most traditional sort, but now it has been transformed.

We arrived early, looking for dance class fuel, and were not disappointed. We didn't need to wait, and were seated with a scenic view of the bar and kitchen. Really - it was neat to see how the seemingly well-oiled kitchen machine created plate after plate of brunches.

True to form, Catie and I both had our favourites. Huevos Rancheros ($14) for me and a Benny with bacon ($16) for C. Our helpful server recommended we have a Rosti potato cake ($5) each, and he wasn't wrong. Kind of like a latke, but deep-fried and crispy, with sour cream as an accompaniment. We'd recommend them to you too.

My huevos were tasty. I liked the mountain of cabbage concealing the guac, sour cream, salsa - spicy for real - and eggs. I'd recommend adding a meat next time - perhaps pork belly? - just for a bit more.

C enjoyed her Benny. The hollandaise was superb and creamy. The bacon was judged to be crispy, thick-cut, and delicious, and the cheese-and-onion scones were a nice change from the traditional English muffins. But the best part of the brunch for Catie was being able to see straight into the kitchen and watch the 4 cooks efficiently put together dishes for the awaiting brunchers. If you can, get the two top that looks into the kitchen, it's quite the show.

Breakfast in our bellies, we scampered off to dance class. We were well-fuelled, and would recommend a stop at the Fable Diner for friends at RCMA, ardent shoppers, students, or workers of all kinds. Check it out!

Fable Diner, 151 East Broadway at Main. Open at 7:30!

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