Sunday, June 2, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Three: Mole (in Langford)

Dave and I left of secret location to get some motorcycle maintenance done, mainly have heated grips installed for my birthday (I'm so Lucky). Triumph Island Motorcycles is located in Langford, which is why we were so far a field. As we left the motorcycle with some time to waste, I remembered there is a Mole in Langford, happy day!

Certain the food would be great, but unsure if the trendy atmosphere of the downtown Mole (which we wrote a blog post about) would translate we walked through the doors. The Langford Mole is more of a family, home style restaurant inside, but it has the same menu as the downtown Mole, delicious. If you have a large group, very old or very young people, or a need to not wait, the Langford Mole will serve you better than the downtown Mole.

Dave ordered the Creamy Sausage Omelette ($14) , while I, again, went for the Mole Benny with pesto potatoes ($14) and we both had water. Then I had a crazy idea. I had been trying to decide between the Mole Benny and Jim's Potato Gratin with Eggs, but I really wanted hollandaise sauce which is why I got the Benny. But what if we had a potato challenge like we did at Yolks? We ordered a side of the Pesto Potatoes ($3.50) and a side of the  Gruyere Potato Gratin ($6). Yum!

Dave liked his Creamy Sausage Omelette, but found the sauce a little watery. Between the Creamy Sausage Omelette and the Chipotle Tomato Bowl ($15) Dave would choose the later. I thoroughly enjoyed my Mole Benny as always, it is a super solid choice!

Now to the potato challenge. We enjoyed both because they are super tasty! However, we decided if your brunch is more breakfast focused get the Pesto Potatoes, but if your brunch is more lunch focused get the Gruyere Potato Gratin. Or get both and be super happy and full!

We also have to do a shout out to our server (whose name we regrettably didn't get). You were amazing! Thanks!

Mole 2345 Millstream Rd, Victoria/Langford BC.

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