Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Four: Hindsight is 20/20

Another milestone! We did a retrospective at Weekend Fifty-Two, so now that we have reached Weekend One Hundred and Four it makes sense to do it again. Oh-Ya!

Here's some updates on our previous answers about the blog:

Our go to brunch spot, even though it's not reviewed every time: Heron Rock 

Catie's Preferred Coffee: Habit (which we will review in the future, promise!)

Best OJ Value: still the Nice CafĂ©. $2.95 for a large glass! Citrus-o-licious.

Institutional Award: Conference Catering at Langara College

Best Benny: Vis a Vis 

Masterfully Cooked Potato: For Traditional potatoes look no further than Heron Rock. For more eclectic potatoes go straight to Mole, Pesto or Gratin! 

Best Toast: Sourdough!

Farthest Afield: Brunch in the Sky with Lufthansa Airlines

Grooviest Background Music: Cup of Joe

Just Too Much Food (but that's not really a problem): The Mahoney at Floyd's

Carnivore's Favourite: Anything at Re Up BBQ or Highlight (Re Up's sister restaurant)

Herbivore's Favourite: still Bandidas, because everything is meat-free, most are vegan, and it's all delicious.

Most Comical Guest Food Critic: Julie and Michel as seen in Weekend Ninety-Nine: Highlight and Weekend Ninety-Four: Cup of Joe

Guest in the most Blog Entries: Dave's Mum, Georgie, as seen in too many to mention 

Most Popular Blog Entry: Weekend Sixty-Eight: Big Star Sandwich

Dog sightings: Shanzee's Biscuit, The Patio at James Bay, Breadstuffs Bakery & Deli

Sightings of Dave's Hoodie Collection since Weekend Fifty-Two:
Royal Roads: worn at 7 brunches
UVic: worn at 13 brunches
SFU: worn at 2 brunches
Rat Sound: worn at 1 brunches
Garmin-Sharp: worn at 0 brunches

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