Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Five: Habit Coffee

We had left our secret location on a dog walk, when we had a great idea. Why don't we write up Habit Coffee? We often visit it on a dog walk, and... well, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Habit Coffee is on the corner of Blanshard and Yates, inside the BC Ferries building. We like it because dogs are permitted into the atrium, which is equipped with benches near the window *and* tables farther inside. Snacks for the humans with dogs? Great in our books!

So, what did we have? Catie reports that the coffee here is excellent, regardless of what you order. She usually has a savoury scone, and this week was no exception. It was filled with leeks and cheese, if I remember right. "Delicious," she says. I had their apple juice (just made from apples, no added anything else), with an apple pie muffin. I really enjoyed the apple juice, and on subsequent visits have had it warmed up. Could this be an end to the dominance of orange juice as my breakfast drink?

So, if you have a dog, or like dogs, or want coffee, or like apple juice, and you find yourself downtown, head on over to Habit Coffee and sit inside!

Habit Coffee, 808 Yates Street, Victoria

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