Sunday, May 26, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and Two: 10 Acres with Andrew

This blog entry was unlikely to ever happen, brunch with Andrew? Andrew up and out of the house while brunch was still being served? 10 o'clock happens twice a day? Unbelievable and unlikely, but it happened.

Dave and I left our secret location to meet Andrew at 10 Acres. The time was early and the restaurant was nearly empty. We ordered quickly because at this late hour I was already starving. The food came pretty quickly as the restaurant filled up with diners. 

Dave ordered orange juice and the Chinook Smoked Salmon ($16), essentially a benny with smoked salmon but served on potato latkes. (Dave says: potato latke! Haven't had them for ages. Should have them again.) I ordered a coffee ($ and the Classic Farm Breakfast with bacon ($13) and a side of hollandaise, because yum! Andrew ordered coffee and the Skillet Hash ($14). 

The food was totally delicious and disappeared very quickly. I wish the Classic Farm Breakfast had come with more than 3 small potatoes, which didn't seem like enough. Andrew was very happy that the greens at the bottom of his hash didn't go slimy.

Could this improbable coming together of friends in the morning happen again? Hopefully! Stay tuned.

10 Acres Bistro, 611 Courtney Street, Victoria.

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