Sunday, May 19, 2019

Weekend One Hundred and One: The Patio at James Bay

In the spirit of the fake London restaurant 'The Shed at Dulwich', Dave and I decided to make our own fake Victoria restaurant 'The Patio at James Bay'. Early in the morning, Dave and I left our secret location, The Patio, and went to pick up our supplies: eggs, bacon, sausage, berries, peasant bread, and the key ingredient, Mole's pesto potatoes.

Here we can see Charlie, The Patio's maitre-d, showing us to our generously-sized table. After a quick walk about, and a small amount of cooking, brunch was ready! Dave had two fried eggs, sausages, toast, strawberries, and Mole's potatoes, while I had tea, a fried egg on toast, raspberries, and Mole's potatoes. Totally delicious!

The Patio is fabulously located beside a garden full of herbs, fruit trees, berry bushes, and a meadow lawn of wild flowers and clover. We expect the chef loves to utilize the seasonal produce that they grow. The proximity to our couch afterwards was definitely a plus! However, the location is super exclusive, by invitation only.

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