Sunday, April 7, 2019

Weekend Ninety-Six: Mole

We left our secret location during off hour brunching time with a mission: to eat at Mole (the pandora location). If you know the Victoria brunch scene, you know that Mole is a happenin' place. Most often Mole has a line with wait times that would make your stomach groan. Dave and I wanted to find out why the brunchers so consistently flock to Mole.

Even at the irregular brunch time of 9am on a Monday, Mole was pretty full. A few tables were open and we chose the one near the kitchen. Our server was pleasant and gave good ordering advice. Dave ordered the Tomato Chipotle Sausage Hash ($15) with the addition of Mango salsa ($1.5) and an orange juice ($4). I ordered a half classic eggs benny with traditional hollandaise sauce ($11) and pesto hash browns ($3.5). I also had a coffee ($3).

Dave says the sausages were pleasantly spicy and the mango salsa added some sweetness, however he did note that there were a lot of onions, maybe too many. Dave also notes that the sour dough toast was sour perfection. I enjoyed the classic eggs benny. The hollandaise was super creamy and delicious, but the best part of my meal was the pesto hash browns. I ate them all, then ordered a side of them. So tasty! Dave shared the side of pesto hash browns and agrees, so tasty!

Mole has a delicious brunch menu with friendly servers, but I think the reason the brunchers throng to Mole is the pesto hash browns.

544 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC.
2345 Millstream Rd, Victoria/Langford BC.

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