Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Weekend Ninety-Seven: Artisan Bistro

Hello, brunch fans! Today's post was written in several parts.

"The sun is up, the sky is blue, It's beautiful and so are we..."
So we (beautiful, as noted above) six sprang forth from our various
Secret Locations and moseyed to the Artisan Bistro at Broadmead for good
chats and a fine brunch. I began with mint tea which was a treat, as it
was made with fresh mint leaves stuffed into a teapot and covered with
boiling water. It was very refreshing and its pale green tint was so
suitable for St. Patrick's Day!
  This success (minus the pale green tint) continued with "The Bird"
omelette which was stuffed with chicken, candied onions (more, please,
next time!), mozzarella, fresh (unspecified) herbs, spinach, and goat
cheese. It was really good and it came with fried spuds in small squares
(very potatoey-tasting but mine were a bit over-fried) and a choice of whole-grain (yep, had this) or sourdough toast.
House-made ketchup (mild and flavourful) and house-made strawberry-cherry jam (also tasty) came too.
A fine brunch indeed, with an equally fine server, who was fun, efficient and attentive but never overpowering or intrusive (this balance is is a real art in a server!).

    With this my first visit, I began by being surprised and impressed by
the small, cosy feeling of the restaurant. I'd expected a much larger
and anonymous-feeling spot. But a "bistro" is supposed to be a small,
quaint, French-style restaurant that serves moderately-priced food in
a relaxed setting. The aim is "home-cooked" style, with an elegant and
creative twist. Artisan scored on all counts!
    As I never miss a chance to enjoy mushrooms, I picked the mushroom
omelette with fried potatoes and sourdough toast. It turned out to be a
great choice. The toast was hot buttered and crispy, full of flavour. The
potatoes, with skins on, tasted as if they'd just come in from the garden,
and the omelette was all I could have wished. It was done to a turn and
stuffed with gently fried mushrooms, caramelised onions, and pea sprouts.
With enough goat cheese added to smooth out all the flavours and textures.
The dessert course was their home-made jam on the sourdough toast. It was
just enough, not too much, of everything. A perfect brunch.

I enjoyed a delicious Classic Eggs Bennie. It consisted of an egg poached medium to perfection with a delicious slice of ham, served on a generous slice of artisan bread. All amply covered with a very tasty hollandaise sauce. There was a tasty slice of fruit on the side and a glass of fresh orange juice to finish the meal. The service was very good and friendly.

I enjoyed a delicious ham, onion, and cheese omelet with country hash browns and multi grain toast. It was excellent and cooked to perfection. The homemade ketchup is a must. The service was good and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming.

The Duck Confit Hash caught my eye, and the server recommended it over my other choice, the Huevos Omelette. The eggs were runny, but I was brave, and it turns out, they were quite good. The duck pieces were flavourful, and the Hollandaise was tangy. Thank you server for making the right recommendation for me!

Dave and I had been to Artisan Bistro before. It is a bit of a bustling cafe with parties coming and going but the service is prompt and friendly and I was looking forward to their hollandaise sauce and homemade ketchup. I ordered the half Blackstone Benny. As with our last visit, the hollandaise was superb and the homemade ketchup on the hash browns did not disappoint. The double smoked maple candied bacon is divine!

 Artisan Bistro: 350-777 Royal Oak Drive, Victoria, BC.

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