Thursday, March 21, 2019

Weekend Ninety-Five: Vis a Vis

It was a sunny day, and we felt like a brunch adventure. Leaving our secret location, we headed out to exotic Oak Bay. After a disappointing time at the garden shop, we decided to go to the Blethering Place, a classic tea-shop in the Olde Englande model. After finding parking, we were momentarily distracted from our quest by the sight of Vis a Vis, a little Parisian-style cafe. When we saw the menu, we abandoned our previous plan.

We were seated promptly, at tables with white and blue checked tablecloths, and perused the menu - a single-sided sheet of traditional tastes. As is our habit, Catie chose a coffee (dark roast, Parisian style, not burned, but a strong taste), while I requested an orange juice (orange in colour, orange in taste, fresh-squeezed?).

After debating the merits of menu items, Catie decided to go with the Classic Back Bacon Benedict ($14), substituting crispy side bacon for back bacon, adding cheese, and with the Hollandaise sauce. The Mornay sauce option was tempting, especially when we were told that it was made with five cheeses, but it was a traditional kind of morning. Turns out that all of these choices made for a super great benny! The Hollandaise was creamy and smooth, and featured the lemon. The bacon was crispy, the English muffins had been toasted on the grill, and the hash browns were buttery and delicious.

I asked the server for her recommendation, and chose the Grande Breakfast Bowl for $18. (It's French, so don't say "Grawnday!"). Duck confit won out over pork sausage, and I'm glad it did. The potatoes were soft, and the grainy mustard Hollandaise was a real treat. I'd happily recommend it!

In a departure from our traditional brunch, we had dessert! The Pecan Cinnamon Bun was awesome - light in texture, sweet cinnamon interior, and toasted pecan - and it was a great ending to a tasty brunch.

Vis a Vis, 2228 Oak Bay Avenue. Top Tip - everything on the menu is $9 between 7am and 9am!

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