Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Weekend Ninety-Three: El Caminos

After a quick BC Ferry ride from our secret location, Dave and I arrived at El Caminos on Main St. Dave and I ate brunch at El Caminos many years ago, pre this blogs existence, when it opened and have been itching to go back. The menu has since changed and the restaurant space looks much bigger, luckily the food was still delicious.

Dave ordered the Spicy Prawn Scramble ($14). Dave said he enjoyed the scramble, it was spicy and flavourful, but there just wasn't enough on his plate. The potatoes and crunchy (read: dry) toast were good but he really wanted more scramble.

I ordered the Desayuno Classico with double smoked bacon ($9) and a side of hollandaise sauce ($ not listed). This may be a cop out considering all the interesting and inventive menu items, however I was looking for something simple..... and hollandaise. The eggs were cooked as I requested, the bacon was crispy, and the toast was crunchy, but the hollandaise was the star. When you, dear reader, go to Le Caminos, get a side of hollandaise, for realz.

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