Friday, June 1, 2018

Weekend Eighty-Two: Jam Cafe

We left our temporary secret location on the peninsula with a brunch location in mind, Jam Cafe (542 Herald St, Victoria). Jam Cafe is a very popular brunch location with epic lines, even on weekdays. During peak hours on the weekend, the line up can seem insurmountable. If you want to go to Jam Cafe and not wait in line forever, the following are a few tips. The first is to go early, and obviously the second is to be near the front of the line on the hour. Because of the seating, ordering, food cooking and delivering, eating, and paying time the vast majority of table turn over happens on the hour. The third is to ensure your entire party is in attendance when you are near the front of the line. They won't seat you until your whole party is there and nothing is worse than being passed over because your friend is late again.

Dave and I are early risers and so the Jam Cafe line is a breeze for us. Within a few minutes we were seated with menus and drinks. I, of course, ordered a coffee ($3). Dave ordered a strawberry lemonade ($5). We both enjoyed our drinks very much and Dave's drink was very photogenic. 

Jam Cafe has a nice amount of menu options and they all sound delicious. I chose the Blackstone Benny ($15) with a side of avocado ($4) while Dave went back to his brunch roots and chose a Huevos Rancheros ($16). 

As always the food was delicious! The sugar cured bacon on my benny was a stand out, however the english muffin was just okay. As it was eating my benny my mind kept going back to the bun from the benny at Breadstuffs in Brentwood Bay from last week. Even though the english muffin could step up its game, I would totally order the Blackstone Benny again. Dave also enjoyed his food. He raved about the corn bread and the smoked chorizo sausage. Dave did say the bean ratio was too high and caused it to be quite a messy Huevos, but he loved it anyway and it disappeared quickly.

Jam Cafe is truly a great brunch restaurant. The service, food, decor, and cool factor are all on point. Just remember: go early, eat fast, and get out so others can enjoy.

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