Sunday, May 27, 2018

Weekend Eighty-One: Breadstuffs Bakery & Deli

Leaving a temporary secret location, equipped with two canine companions, we were exploring the wilds of Brentwood on a drizzly Saturday morning. Catie soon felt the need for a coffee, and a sign promising quality beans and roasting led us to Breadstuffs Bakery & Deli (1191 Verdier Avenue, in scenic Brentwood Bay). I was left to entertain the dogs while Catie got her mug of alertness, when she popped her head outside. "Hey, they have huevos and bennies. You hungry?" I replied in the affirmative, and she went back inside. After a few minutes, food appeared.

As mentioned, I had the huevos rancheros ($8.50), and Catie had the traditional benny ($11) with bacon (extra crispy, please.) In contrast to regular huevos, these eggs were served in a folded tortilla, topped with salsa and cheese. Experts may disagree with the naming, instead calling it a breakfast quesadilla, but reardless of the name, the taste was excellent. And the cheese was very ... stretchy? What's a good word to describe melted cheese that wants to stay connected between the meal, the fork, and the mouth? Delicious, thesaurus-related troubles notwithstanding. And the potatoes! Almost like the famous Buttery Potatoes from Crave, long ago. Of course, orange juice was my drink of choice. Minute Maid in a bottle.

Catie's benny was topped with a delicious Hollandaise, and the bacon was crispy, as promised. She commented very favourably on the English muffin - not really a surprise, considering we were eating at a bakery, but an area where many other bennies fall short. She also had a generous portion of tasty fried potatoes - also crispy. Her coffee was good, I assume, but she didn't say much about it.

Our canine companions paid more attention to Catie during this brunch. Bearded Muppet Dogs have a natural affinity towards bacon, so that's not really a surprise. However, all of this good news comes with a sad ending. Today marks the last day that Breadstuffs will serve breakfast! We assume the rest of the deli items they offer are good, but it is a shame that their Benny and Huevos will not be available on future dog walks.
A great brunch, coming at a great point of the walk.

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