Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekend Seventy-Nine: Blog from the past - Mum eats at Jane's

This was written by my Mum when she visited my sister Jane in 2013. So sorry it wasn't posted soon but it fell behind the electronic blogger fridge. I hope you enjoy the day's adventures! - Dave.

     On Sunday, February 3, 2013, Dave and Catie were in an advanced state of preparing to move from their present Secret Location to their new Secret Location. This involved much paint, many rollers, brushes, dropcloths and masking tape, piles of new flooring, old-carpet-to-the-dumpster runs, figurings-out of electrical supplies and procedures, many trips to Rona and concentrated co-ordination of family member-helpers.

    Four of us aforesaid family members decided to remove the burden of the weekly brunch (and resulting blog) from Catie’s and Dave’s shoulders, all of which were bowed down by the excitement of this re-nesting travail. So Jane, Beth, Win and Georgie headed off to a new pop-up brunch place on the east side, where the resident cat entertained us while we awaited our cooked-to-order meal and enjoyed the view over the neighbouring rooftops. 

The house specialty that day was scrambled eggs, Freybe’s special gourmet bacon, and endless slices of generously-buttered whole grain toast from a local bakery. There was even gluten-free bread prepared promptly for one of us. As this pop-up eatery is so small and had been busy the day before, there were no spuds left, but we missed them not.

    The eggs were beautifully cooked, with two requests for “hard-scrambled” and two for “soft-scrambled” coming exactly as ordered. Ketchup appeared without asking for it, and there was homemade strawberry jam and three (count ‘em!) kinds of homemade curd: lemon, lime, and an orange and vanilla combo. A bowl of apples and bananas graced the table, as did some fruity oatmeal muffins, and pizza was also available for those who wanted more adventure in their victuals. A choice of teas rounded out our delightful meal and filled up the cracks.

We would heartily recommend this eatery to anyone, but have been sworn to secrecy about its location that day. Do keep your eyes peeled as, who knows, it could turn up anytime in your neighbourhood! It has such good food, not fancy but totally tasty, that it’ll take you right back home.

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