Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Seventy-Six: Sixth Street Grill

It was a sunny Sunday, and we felt hungry for brunch. It was a bit earlier than normal, so we searched for something that would be open on our own schedule. We soon found that 6th Street Grill opened at 9, so we put on our shoes and headed out from our secret location. Finding it largely (though not completely) full, we settled into one the large booths and read the menu. Breakfast is served all day.

OJ and coffee, check. Both fresh, but different temperatures, thankfully.

I selected the 6th Street Hash for $9.95, with potato and pastrami covered with hollandaise. It was more than I could finish, and the Hollandaise had a strangely sweet taste. That being said, I did enjoy it. Next time, however, I might go for an omelette.

Catie decided on the $7.95 Bacon Benny. It was good, especially for that price! The English muffin was toasted well, she said, and the bacon was thick-sliced. It would have been better is a pulled pork Benny had been available. Maybe in the future...

Inside, the decor reminds bruch-goers of the 1970s, with wood paneling and overstuffed pleather benches, which is strange as it is a newer restaurant. The music was appropriate too, with big rock anthems playing (note to self - not all songs were from the 70s - some were from the 80s) that had us wishing that we had larger hair and tighter pants. We noticed that the front windows might be open-able, which bodes well for future stops to enjoy the patio and general open-air experience.


  1. Love hash browns! But so rarely have them. My geographic sense of New West is hazy. How close is this to a Skytrain station?

    1. It is probably 20 minutes' walk. Up a hill, sadly. But then you can go down the hill with a full belly, which is always much easier.

      It is all worth it for hashbrowns.