Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Seventy-Seven: Red Wagon Rerun

Today's post was written by Catie's sister Kim. Enjoy!
Catie and I will be taking a blog vacation. Keep an eye out for the continuing adventures of brunch in a few whiles - D.


Hello again denizens of the interwebz it is I, Kim, older sister of Catie the famous brunch blogger. It was bright and early on a Sunday morning that I awoke to make my trek to the most delicious local restaurant of some renown, the Red Wagon. It is a wonderful little place at 2296 East Hastings and the emphasis should be on little because if you don’t get there at least 15 minutes before it opens at 9 AM you won’t be in the first sitting. As Catie and Dave had further to travel from their secret location I left my lovely lair and meandered down East Hastings to the tasty little bistro. Having arrived at 10 minutes to 9 I was halfway around the side of the restaurant, waiting for Catie and Dave to arrive.

It was a beautiful morning and I was full of hope that my early arrival would ensure my entrance into the temple of brunch. Catie and Dave made their appearance just before the line began to rush into the restaurant filling up the tables at an alarming rate. The line was cut off leaving the three of us with 8 people between brunch heaven and us. As some of you may know one of the terribly kind things they do when you are waiting in line at Red Wagon is the staff bring out coffee and treats to those waiting on line, and this day was no different. On this Sunday they brought out deliciously dark coffee and delightful doughnuts, which Catie remarked reminded her of Johnny Cakes from the Reef.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and yet with the smells wafting out of the building I couldn’t enjoy the sunshine as the aroma was tastily torturing me. We were quite fortunate because while many people like to linger there was a relatively fast turnover and we were able to make our entrance in good time being seated by a gracious young server who cheerfully pointed out the daily special to us, Eggs Benedict on a baguette with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions and of course the homefries which if you haven’t had them are incredible. Dave’s only complaint was that it was difficult to keep his eggs on the baguette which kept sliding off humorously.

Not being one for mushrooms I immediately struck this from my possibilities but Dave took this advice to heart ordering this delightful plate for his meal. Catie and I looked over the menu hungrily, breathing the odors of scrumptious food around us. Having fantasized over the menu while waiting in line for the restaurant our choices were very clear. I choose the Trucker, 2 eggs, 2 buttermilk pancakes, homefries, toast, and my choice of sausage or bacon, being me I of course choose bacon with whole wheat toast. Having been up very late the night before I consumed 3 cups of excellent coffee.

Catie ended up having the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict with the hollandaise sauce and of course the homefries, though not before being tempted by the Croque Madame.  She said her eggs were perfectly poached to her requested amount and that the hollandaise sauce was as always phenomenal. Catie also had a cup of coffee with her nearly perfect Eggs Benny, having got the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict Catie did not have the same problem as Dave though. It was overall a delightful brunch out for the three of us and it was the perfect start to a beautiful day.

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