Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Seventy-Two: Brunch in the Sky, Air Lufthansa

After leaving our secret location, I found myself on an intercontinental adventure. But brunch never sleeps and so I bring you, dear reader, this brief blog post from the sky.

The seating in this restaurant is quite crowded, but every patron is provided with their own table and reclining seat. Also, hot towels are distributed before the meal - this is a first for this blog, I think. Lufthansa is the name, and they have many restaurants worldwide.

There was a choice of meal or no meal, and I chose meal. It was neatly packed, with the hot and cold components separated. I apologise for the image quality - the restaurant was dimly lit on account of the many sleeping patrons, and I didn't want to disturb them with a flash.

The eggs were surprisingly good. It was sort of a build-your-own omelette, with a collection of fried peppers and onions as garnish. The potatoes were a bit soggy, though whether this is due to them being cooked some time in the past or the steam from the cover I cannot speculate. The hot food was very hot and the cold was very cold! Also, please note the plastic cutlery - obviously this writer is exceptional, as some of my traveling companions were given metal ones.

The fresh fruit tasted fresh. The pineapple had a firm texture and the kiwi didn't. The blueberry was delicious, though sadly singular.

I hadn't had grape jelly since I became old enough to spell "grape jelly." I didn't miss it very much. The bun looked good, but was rather firm. During the meal, there was a wide selection of movies to watch, including international, modern and classic titles.

All in all, surprisingly good for an airline meal. And it was served on a business trip, so the cost to me yields a very favourable price to calorie ratio. As a pleasant bonus, I learned the German words for "tea," "coffee," and "water." (Tea, Coffee, and Wasser.)

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