Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Seventy-Three: X marks the White Spot

It was a day of errands, one of which necessitated a trip to far-away Oakridge. We left our secret location and enjoyed the hospitality of BC Transit. While we were at the mall, we felt hungry, and decided that White Spot would be a good addition to the brunch blog. So we went in.

It was not crowded; a mix of seniors, families, and brunch bloggers filled the tables. No wait, but it did fill up while we were there. We were seated and perused the menu with enthusiasm. Catie ordered a coffee and I a Berry Smoothie ($4.99). I couldn't really identify the berries, but it was a mixture of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It was delicious, and I drank most of it before we took the photos.

The menu is quite extensive, but our eyes were caught by the Pulled Pork Big Bowl ($13). Pulled pork, hash browns, Hollandaise, and salsa, served with toast? Sounds like a winner. And in a first for this blog, we both ordered the same thing! (But not totally the same - she had hard poached eggs and I scrambled, I had sourdough toast and she white. But you get the idea.)

We settled in to wait, but our food came quickly. It looked delicious, but we quickly had a question: Where is this pulled pork? And why does it taste like just... pork? Where are the spices, the BBQ taste that we love from pulled pork? The questions came on thick and fast: Why are my scrambled eggs poached? Why does the salsa taste like only tomatoes?

I was hungry and finished my meal, but Catie didn't. The toast was quite delicious, and we both enjoyed the hashbrowns, but we were disappointed by the meal. We can't recommend the Pulled Pork Big Bowl, but the Berry Smoothie was quite good.

The story doesn't end there, sadly. During the night, we were each visited by a touch of ... "intestinal distress." The only thing that we had eaten in common was the Big Bowl, so we knew that it was the culprit. Big Bowl = Big Woe! I think we'll stick to dinners at the White Spot.


  1. Ah... the White Spot! My parents took my twin and I to the oldest Spot in Vancouver, 67th and Granville, when we were mere pups! It was a kind of Christening in our family.

    And many, many times they took us to the Broadway Spot. We loved the car hop service, with the long trays that fit snuggly between the two windows.

    I still enjoy their burgers and the wonderful sauce!

    1. My Mum and Dad have spoken of the many drive-in White Spots of times past. Catie and I went to one in North Van, and it was a neat experience. I think they said it was the last in operation. Drive up and turn on your headlights for service!

      The BC burger is my favourite, though I usually eat them on BC Ferries. Which do you like the best?

    2. I like the BC burger, too, but I often just get the Legendary. I was delighted to discover some years back that BC Ferries had allowed White Spot to set up business on their fleet.