Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Nine: Re-Up BBQ Brunch

Today brought a hunger that no mere eggs-and-toast brunch could satisfy. We knew that there was only one choice for us. Our destination was the River Market at New Westminster Quay, and so we left our secret location and headed down the hill. Re-Up BBQ was our choice for today, a place where we had enjoyed lunches but never a brunch. 

After arriving, we looked at the breakfast menu, but we didn't need to read for long because there is only one item on the brunch menu - biscuits with eggs and your selection of meat. Our choice was with bacon, and a voice piped up beside me asking for pulled pork as well. No problem, replied the server, and it was settled. Sadly, there was no option for orange juice. I decided on their house-made strawberry-rhubarb soda (for $3!), and it was good. Catie went far afield to find a coffee, as Re-Up didn't seem to have any available. The coffee (from an Italian bakery with either indifferent or surly servers) was ok.

After a brief wait, we picked up our meals. Plates overflowing with meat, sauces, biscuits and eggs, we found ourselves some seats and settled in for a protein-rich experience.
Well, we were not disappointed. Re-Up delivers good taste by the plateful! The bacon was thickly-sliced, though not crispy enough for Catie. I loved the pulled pork, and the red sauce (featuring the tomato) was delicious. The biscuits were light and fluffy, and we suspect they had just come out of the oven. The eggs were yellow and white, and sadly unremarkable. That being said, we were not unhappy, as the rest of the meal had more than enough flavour for us. Totally recommended.

So, if you are a vegetable preservationist, an anti-vegetarian, or a bodybuilder, come on down to Re-Up and start your day with barbecue.

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