Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Eight: Big Star Sandwiches, Everything is Bigger in New West

It was a sunny day outside; spring had sprung. We had eaten a little pre-brunch at home and I was searching the internet for crazy stuff when I came along Big Star Sandwiches. Big Star is something I've watched being built in our neighbourhood with much anticipation. Their facebook page (website still under construction) said they were now open at 10. Dave and I hussled to get our shoes on and ran out the door.

Walking a short distance up the street from our secret location, we soon came to Big Star. They are in the building next to the tattoo parlour on 12th St, and seem to do quite a good business from the surrounding area. The Friendly-Owner-Man, who was the only one working as he hadn't hired staff yet, was amazingly friendly and told us all about the production of the Sandwiches and where all the ingredients hail from, as well as how he cooks them. All the meat is cooked by FOM in house. The smells coming from the roaster were outrageously mouth watering!

Friendly-Owner-Man tempted us with the #5 Roasted Beef, Bacon, Cheddar, Hickory Sticks, Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich. I was apprehensive with the idea of Hickory Sticks in a Sandwich instead of beside it but FOM said it was fabulous. I'm glad we trusted him.

We ordered a whole Sandwich to share. Big Star Sandwiches weigh a whole pound and cost $9 or you can get a half Sandwich for $5. We also couldn't resist getting a Pop Shoppe Pop each (52 grams of sugar per bottle). $14 for all that plus a coffee is extremely good value.

The pictures speak the truth in this blog. I wanted the whole Sandwich, even though it probably won't all fit in my mouth at once. Dave wasn't super happy to share but we managed to get along as the Sandwich was sizable. It was truly the best Sandwich I've ever had! Epic!

Maybe Big Star is more Unch than Br but it was so awe-inspiringly amazing that I couldn't help writing about it. You all should go. Really. Go.


  1. My Grampa puts potato chips in his sandwiches sometimes. (Ripple chips are the best.) Big Star sounds like it would be right up his alley! Too bad he lives on the Island.

  2. As an update, hickory sticks are now a possible addition to *all* sandwiches on the menu...