Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Seventy-One: Steveston Diner No.1

We left our secret location early to do a lot of running around. With Dave leaving early on Sunday morning we had to complete all the tasks on our list on Saturday. Our day was packed but some how we made time for brunch. Since we were up early to make a run to Point Bob, we decided to stop in Steveston for brunch.

After some aimless driving and a google search, we stopped at Diner No.1. It's large, trendy, graphic menu on the outside of the building attracted us to it and the food on the menu was appealing, so we popped inside.

We were greeted by a very perky waitress. She was friendly and uplifting. She promptly filled my coffee cup and brought Dave a pulpy, fresh squeezed orange juice. I ordered the Classic Benny with bacon instead of ham (9.49), while Dave ordered the Canuck Omelette (11.99).

Our food arrived quickly and looked really good. My Benny was great, the hollandaise was a little sweet and a little spicy. Dave's Omelette had crispy onions on the top (I stole quite a few) and he said it was delicious. We both agreed that the hashbrowns were just okay, not bad but not awesome.

I very much enjoyed the atmosphere, service and food at Diner No.1 and would return regularly if I lived closer to Steveston.

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